Critical Reflection

After the completion of the project, I had gained an understanding of the importance of communication. The knowledge I have acquired over the course of 13 weeks include the different communication strategies, writing formal letters and different components of the interpersonal communication project.

Due to the nature of the hospitality industry, I find many concepts applicable and useful. The understanding of self-awareness, self-esteem and Johari window enabled me to develop a higher level of mindfulness with the understanding of my strengths, looking deeper into my communication styles with people and improving on my weaknesses.

The assignments were focused and practical as it evokes my inner thoughts where I placed my working experience into content. An example was the impromptu presentation where I had to present it with only a minute of preparation. This stimulates my critical thinking and adaptability which could be useful in other situations such as for job interviews and in the service industry.

The group assignment invigorated my problem-solving skills, fostered teamwork with my group members where we shared our diverse perspectives on the video production which eventually made learning fun. The project pitch to our classmates and lecturer enhanced our competency in delivering a well-versed speech which showcased our confidence and relevancy towards the topic.

The various instructional units that lays out the specific contexts and domains were essential as it facilitated my learning through working out the details in short periods of time along with a random partner. Additionally, these provided me with opportunities to get to know my classmates and lecturer better.

Overall, this module has broadened and deepened the quality of my thinking and speaking abilities. All these would not have been made possible without the encouragement and guidance from my senior lecturer, Brad Blackstone, who took the initiative to comment and motivate each and every of us in class. I will continuously strive to improve on my articulation and pronunciation by speaking more English to my friends and family.



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